Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 2 of My HCG Weight Loss Program

So yesterday was the First Day of my HCG program and let me tell you when a Diet tells you to eat as much as you can your first two days isn't as easy as it sounds. Over the past few months just trying to eat healthier has made my appetite so much less. So yesterday I decided I would eat Pasta... a Healthy Fat with Shrimp and Veggies, The PF Chang one you can get in the grocery stores Frozen section now..... man was I stuffed from eating that. I didn't think I could eat another bite all day. So finally a few hours later I was able to get myself to eat a Yummy Weight Watchers Lasagna Florentine I had in the Freezer, man was I super stuffed by then.... how in the world is this diet going to work if I can't even eat gobs of food the first two days. A little later I snacked on some Peanuts.... then about an hour later ate some Edamame and then finished the Day off with a Tablespoon of Peanut Butter. Oh and I was a good girl and drank lots of water. I didn't even cheat and Drink a Soda. Told my kids to Drink all my Diet Coke so I have no temptations. So I think my choices were good for Healthy Fatty Foods. Can't wait to get through Day 2 of this Eat all you can part of the Diet.

The Start of Day 2...........................

I woke up feeling kinda icky this morning. I'm sweaty and bloated feeling and am retaining fluid this morning. Really!! I understand the concept behind these first two days of eating....but I don't wanna feel icky. I wanna feel awesome......

So my scale went up slightly which it's supposed to do.... I gained 2.6 lbs. Weighing in at 166.8 this morning. Granted its gotta be the water retention I am feeling this morning.

Well on to Day 2 of Lots of Eating again.... think I am going to start the day off with a Bowl of Fiber One Cereal. =) Can't wait for tomorrow so on Friday I can see the scale going the other direction.


  1. Jaimie you are still eating too healthy... You need to enjoy a Mocha or 2, Fries, Cheese, Mexican food... BUT LOAD, LOAD, LOAD or you will NOT be doing to well... Take from someone who has been there. Besides the more load, the better results. You can call me if you would like... :)


  2. Oh Thanks Becci.... so then I guess I will have some Mexican Food Tonight then since I won't be eating that for the next 43 days. =)