Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 3 of My HCG Weight Loss Program

So yesterday was Day 2 of my Loading Days.... and well through the advice of
a Friend I wasn't doing too well at eating lots of fattening food. Her Quote
"You are eating too Healthy" so I scarfed and scarfed as much as possible
yesterday and for Dinner headed to my Favorite Mexican restaraunt "Valle Luna"
which will be the last time for quite a long time. =( I ordered the #1 Combo
with a Cheese Enchilada, Beef Tamale, Chicken Taco, Rice and Beans. Man was it
delicious. On top of Chips & Salsa and my Last Beer for a long time.... I
successfully finished about 3/4 of the plate of food. Whoa was I stuffed. I
ended my night with a couple of big Tablespoons of Peanut Butter.... another one
of my favorites.... So Hopefully I did well enough on my Load Days to keep my
fuel going for the next 40 days.

~Start of Day 3 ~

Well today is the Day I begin my 500 Calorie Diet....... I woke up and
weighed in at 167.2 lbs today for a total weight gain of 3 lbs for my load
days.... (praying that will be enough). I started my morning off with a Big Cup
of Black Coffee and an Apple. Suprisingly I was quite satisfied with just that.
For lunch I just made a delicious Spinach Salad with some Chicken and a
Sprinkle of Mrs. Dash. I could barely even finish it, it felt like so much
food. I have already gotten in 3 bottles of water for the day and a 2nd cup of
Black Coffee....... I have to say Day 3 so far has been a breeze.... Oh and it
has made me a pee'ing Machine. Praying tomorrow when I weigh in I will see a
drop in weight and each day thereafter.

I did have my mom Take Before Pics of me.... and I am pretty embarrassed by
them because I guess we don't really see ourselves the way we actually look.
Yes I am embarrassed to post these...but to hold myself accountable to my weight
loss journey I have to be true to me and accept what I have allowed myself to do
to me. I want to look back in a month, 3 months, 6 months and a year and say
Wow.... look at all I accomplished. I want to love me Again!

So here's the pics of my first Real Meal on the 500 Cal Diet.... and My
Before Photos.

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